• California and American Watercolors
Vintage California

From the earliest days artists were both drawn and inspired by the natural beauty of our state. However it was the gold rush and the subsequent boom in the 1850’s that truly gave birth to a California School of Art. During the latter half of the Nineteenth Century many classically trained artists migrated west to capture the unique landscapes and multi-cultural spirit to be found there. Inspired by Impressionism and the wide, open spaces many of these artists went outdoors and afield, capturing a beauty that is treasured today.

California and American Watercolors

We have a large selection of Regionalist California and American watercolors. This uniquely American style captured the spontaneity and color of a scene with bold painting strokes done"on the spot." Rich in scenery, space, inspiration and color, these watercolors captured the beauty and vibrancy of life here in America–both in nature and in the day-to-day life found in the cities.

American Fine Art

Originally influenced heavily by European painters the American artists became a powerful force in themselves, with New York eventually surpassing Paris as the center of fine arts and culture. Some of the more famous sectors of American Art such as the Hudson River School, American Realism or the American Southwest or even the WPA painters have made an indelible mark upon our world culture. Highly sought after and quite collectible the American Artist remains an excellent addition for a collection.

European Fine Art

For many years European fine art was arguably considered the pinnacle of culture and the source of much of the inspiration we find in the art world. These classic paintings will add beauty and value to any home or collection.

Value Art

One of the time honored pieces of advice to new collectors is to "buy what you like" as art is one of those rare investments that will bring years of enjoyment and fulfillment to an individual. We are here to help you select beautiful pieces to start that collection.

Sold Items

Over the years we have had the pleasure of providing hundreds of works of fine art to collectors the world over. Here is a mere sampling of some of our past, sold works.

Contemporary Artists

All artists were once contemporaries. One of the best investments over time can be the purchase of a quality contemporary work. Add to this is the incalculable value of the daily joy and fulfillment that a work of art can bring to one's life. We feature artists that we feel carry forth the tradition and inspiration of the vintage pieces that are our focus. Please explore and as always feel free to contact us for further information.

New Acquisitions

One of our joys is the acquisition of new art, with another joy being finding a great home for that art. Have fun looking through "what's new" and it would be a great pleasure to answer any questions you may have.