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Thorwald Probst "San Jacinto Homestead"

Eugene Frandzen "Hillside House"

Ralph Love "Desert Mesquite"

Felice Hvorat "Taos Pueblo"

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls…” Pablo Picasso

Hello, my name is Ron Vander Molen.

For over the past 20 years I have devoted my life and my time to works of fine art. During that time I have maintained a focus and passion for vintage California and American Artists, circa 1890-1940. That era was an intensively creative period for California and American artists, during which they developed their own vision of the Impressionist and other new art movements coming out of Europe during that period.

Today those works have found increasing favor and interest with collectors and investors alike.

What started as a local gallery has now grown on a much broader scale and we now sell to collectors around the world and have developed a reputation as one of California’s leading websites for collectors of American and California Impressionism.

With over 20 years of experience offering a broad selection of quality vintage art, we pride ourselves in offering carefully selected paintings that represent an era of exceptional American art.

Naturally all the great artists were once contemporaries and we take great pride in supporting select contemporary artists that display both the talent and spirit that these earlier fine artists possessed and demonstrated.

Our mission is to bring fine art to as many individuals, homes and collectors as possible and so we have always sought to offer an affordability level that is unique to the industry, while maintaining a high level of fine quality art.

Please enjoy your time on our site, there is quite a bit to see and enjoy, and we invite you to drop us an email to find out more about a specific piece or to discuss pricing and sales.


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